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RP Time and Conditions

Late Spring
70° F
Pouring Rain | Windy | Steamy

08∙10∙16 — With Duskvale flooded and Bison's Claim soon to follow, the pack must evacuate to Iilos land before the Catori River floods and they're stranded. As their chieftain becomes more irritable, some of the group grow hesitant in trusting him with their lives. Before they exit into the forest, Petrona suggests relocating the herd to a safer place, promptly setting herself to the task and awaits help from her packmates who failed to aid her and Raissa during the hunt. All members are free to join her or await further commands from Kodai and go on into Duskvale before it's too late.

06∙28∙16 — The pack has decided! TuT's first RolePlay plot will be a territory wide flood! With the pack heading out for it's first hunt, the overcast sky starts flickering with lightning and an eerie wind picks up. With the coming torrential rain, it will become impossible to see, smell or hear your comrades. It will be best to stick together, as who knows what dangers lie in the storm.

06∙22∙16 — We've decided to host our first RP event! Voting options are currently up and located here. Please remember to vote! I will be closing the options in just a few days, so please, if you care about your say in it, vote soon!



 ☀Tribal History★

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PostSubject: ☀Tribal History★    ☀Tribal History★  EmptyTue 06 May 2014, 2:05 pm

Asteri Tribe★
Decades ago, a small group of dispersal wolves traveled together. Only three strong, yet they managed well. It consisted of a mated pair, Rain, a white female and Asterion a rich russet shaded male. the two young wolves broke free from their clan to be with one another, and because both had a healthy sense of adventure and curiosity. Along their journey they picked up a female named Feather. She was white, with blotches of gold, brown, and copper. The three became good friends on their adventure. However, they wished to form a pack. One that was powerful like each of them, curious, adventurous, and loved the moonlit sky.
   They trio traveled only by star light, sleeping their sunlit days away. Rain enjoyed racing in the trees, when Asterion questioned why, Rain would smile and say "I'm chasing the stars, Asterion." She smiled at her mate with love in her voice and light in her eyes, "I get closer each time." The male couldn't help but grin at his beloved companion's resone. The russet canine quickly sprinted into his top speed, following bhind his winter pelted mate after the stars in the sky. The three soon raced each night, destined to finally reach the stars destination. They traveled for months, soon it was a year, two years, three... The stars never got closer but they kept trying...
Ilios Tribe☀
   Around the time Rain, Asterion, and Feather were traveling together, another group was forming. This one a mated duo as well, a male named Titan- his pelt seemed as bright as the golden sun. His mate, Solar, a warm chestnut brown. The two lovers were heirs to their own packs, yet did not wish to be such. Their mating was arranged, yet the two did not mate because they had to, they loved one another. As young pups they would play and wrestle often, though would also be yelled at and scolded for their "unrespectful" behavior. They two eventually fled their home lands, and went out to start a life together.
   Along the way, they found a young female wresting with a bear cub. Her name was Orchid, an ebony female with grey paws and long grey tear drop markings from her icy blue eyes. She was surely rambunctious, and Solar and Titan liked that about her. They confronted her and allowed her to join them. She was kind of like their adopted daughter, they taught her how to be a wolf. How to hunt, find a den, and patrol land. They never really knew where she came from or where her family was.
   The three would always be awake right before dawn, Solar always on the edge of her paws, lightly whining for the sun to rise. Once it did she would bolt towards its origin. Titan would laugh each morning his mate would chase the large ball of light. And each time Solar stopped running she would swear she will reach the sun before it rises, she chased that sun for months, a year, two years, three...
Asteri & Ilios Tribes☀★➹
     As the never ending journey went on, the Asteri trio continued to chase the stars. Until soon the day came. The night was nearing it's end and the sun was about to rise, they were chasing the stars, running as fast as they can heading West. As for the Ilios tribe, Solar wanted to get a head start and bolted East, she was determined to reach the Sun this day. Both small groups were running, racing towards one another without even knowing it. Soon they collided. Rain into Solar, Feather into Orchid, and Asterion into Titan. They stumbled and shook out their fur, trying to regain balance. Soon each side owned up to their tribes personalities. The Ilios crouched quickly into a stance to bound and run; speed was their ally. The Asteri, though alert, did not partake in the defensive manner until feeling threatened. The six were in a stand off, Asterion tried to speak, to tell Titan they did not wish to fight. But before he could, Rain spoke first. Her voice smooth and sweet, able to calm any creature.
     Rain addressed Solar in a kind manner, "My name is Rain, I did not wish to invade your land or encounter you in anyway. My apologies. May I ask why you were running?" Both sides eased themselves as she spoke, Rain could always calm wolves. Solar looked surprised, but answered in a kind manner. "My name is Solar, this is not my land. Nor do I know who owns it. I did not mean to encounter you either. And I was... Well I was chasing the sun..." Her voice trailed off, she thought it sounded foolish and did not often tell others of her sunrise habit.
   The small Asteri tribe were shocked by the retort, and Rain smiled widely. "We were chasing the stars... We do every night." The two tribes relaxed and began to get to know one another for the next few hours, not leaving the area they entered. The sun rose, hours of talking passed.

The two tribes grew to enjoy each others company, sticking close and staying in the general area. However, one day they sensed something new, unknown to them all. From the brush, came a solid ebony wolf with gleaming green eyes, and scars on his muzzle. His ear was torn, and he looked like he had an interesting history to share. The male wolf was silent, both Solar and Rain's pack remained silent. A sudden startled jump occurred as the slightly older wolf released a loud howl, it was smooth and well flowing.

Moments passed, no words exchanged, just stares and glances. Before the two groups could do anything, the bushes rustled once more. Titan fell into the all too familiar Ilios crouch, Asterion stepped forward as well carrying himself upright. They wolves froze as they saw a new creature, one they've never encountered before. A two legged fur-less animal, it spoke oddly. "Brother Orbit, are these friend for foe?" He seemed to speak to the large scarred black canine, addressing him as "Brother Orbit", the male wolf simply nodded and the human vanished as quickly as he came.

Titan grew impatient and frustrated, "talk!"  He demanded the stranger wolf, soon followed by Asterion stepping ahead and speaking as well. "We did not wish to cause harm." The kind star-chasing wolf spoke, his voice deep and steady. They three males stared at one another one proudly stanced, one defensively crouched, and one emotionless. "Bright, like the rising sun. As fast as the rays that fall onto the earth. You are indeed one with the Ilios. You; mysterious, powerful anf stable like the night stars. A follower of the Asteri." The black wolf spoke, his voice deep and soft, a wise tone. "I am Brother Orbit, as a young pup I lost my family. Well, my wolf family. I live here, with the people who raised me, who helped me become wise, powerful, and kind." The two groups seated themselves before the stranger and listened to him speak.

The black wolf with unique scars continued on. "I live with the people tribe, the call themselves the Eirini Tribe. Meaning Peace, though you two, you represent the two sides creating peace. Ilios, the sun, and Asteri, the stars. Personalities very different, though without one another, would be unbalanced and crumble." After sharing his tale of joining the people tribe, the two small groups decided to settle there. Adopting the names Ilios and Asteri. Together, and with the Eirini tribe, they flourished and thrived greatly.

Decades have passed, and as the years went on, new Chiefs were chosen, as well as a new "Brother Wolf" a type of ambassador who worked with the people often and did not live with wolf kind. As the decades went on, all seemed to be well, until a horrible forest fire struck. It burned the Eirini's teepees, and killed all of their tribe. All except a young boy, only 5 years of age. Alone with no humans, though he knew the Brother Wolf. The young human boy named Denali began to live with the Asteri and Ilios tribes, learning to hunt, patrol, and even howl. The boy out lived many of his caretakers, in his late years, the wolf packs were swept with a deadly disease. The illness did not effect people, so Denali survived, though he didn't want to... he was forced day by day to bury another wolf family member. He chanted each night to his ancestors, wolf and human, to protect and love all the lost spirits that leave him each day.

But the end of the epidemic, the two tribes that had over 100 wolves, now only had 3. Brother Raynor, Asteri chief Mirage, and Ilios Chief Sindri. All three elder and brittle, they awaited for an answer from the spirits on what to do. Until one day, the answer arrived. A male arrived, he was in his later years. A male they knew well, his name was Cybol. A member of the Asteri years prior. He lived with them up until it was their time to leave the earth. Yet fate had other plans.

In an odd twist of events, Cybol found Kodai - his biological great nephew. A bloodline descendent of the asteri tribe. The elders taught him the ways of the tribes and left him to led the great tribes before their timeline ended
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☀Tribal History★
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