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RP Time and Conditions

Late Spring
70° F
Pouring Rain | Windy | Steamy

08∙10∙16 — With Duskvale flooded and Bison's Claim soon to follow, the pack must evacuate to Iilos land before the Catori River floods and they're stranded. As their chieftain becomes more irritable, some of the group grow hesitant in trusting him with their lives. Before they exit into the forest, Petrona suggests relocating the herd to a safer place, promptly setting herself to the task and awaits help from her packmates who failed to aid her and Raissa during the hunt. All members are free to join her or await further commands from Kodai and go on into Duskvale before it's too late.

06∙28∙16 — The pack has decided! TuT's first RolePlay plot will be a territory wide flood! With the pack heading out for it's first hunt, the overcast sky starts flickering with lightning and an eerie wind picks up. With the coming torrential rain, it will become impossible to see, smell or hear your comrades. It will be best to stick together, as who knows what dangers lie in the storm.

06∙22∙16 — We've decided to host our first RP event! Voting options are currently up and located here. Please remember to vote! I will be closing the options in just a few days, so please, if you care about your say in it, vote soon!



 Rank Guide WIP

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PostSubject: Rank Guide WIP   Rank Guide WIP EmptyTue 10 May 2016, 3:48 am

M E R C E N A R Y || The "Mercenary" rank is the clans' warrior
Requirements: To be a Mercenary, it's required that you contain either equal speed and strength or a higher amount of strength. It's helpful to be on the larger size with excessive knowledge of defense and fight tactics. You need to know how to handle yourself, no one will be there to hold your hand. If you are faced with the option of you or the pack living; you have to choose the pack. That is your sworn duty as a Mercenary. 
Tasks: The task of a Mercenary is to protect the tribe you pledge yourself to. While a member of this rank and/or in training to be, you are to familiarize yourself with the warnings the Rangers will give in case of danger. You are to make sure the pack (especially the young) are in a safe place before you bound into battle. You are to know the situation and how to handle it before barging in to "save the day". Your primary task is to make sure the pack thrives.
Helpful Skills: "Toughness" is the primary skill needed, "Grace" equal too or slightly below would be useful, "Wisdom" is not quite useful, but it may come in handy being able to know how to treat your wounds. 

R A N G E R || The markers and patrollers of the clans
Requirements: Rangers must understand their place, they are not the sol protectors. When danger occurs, they must understand they are to signal for the Mercenaries. They must know the land as well as the Tribal Council, where it ends and the best places to watch it.

Tasks: The primary task of the ranger is to mark the land and keep an eye out for anyone looking to weasel in and cause trouble. If any sort of issues arise (cougars, rival wolves, tribal fights) the Ranger is to signal for back up. If they're lucky, an Enigma will be close. Thus the Enigma could quickly carry the news silently so not to cause panic.  

Helpful Skills: "Grace" and "Toughness" may potentially be helpful,

E N I G M A || The tribes' rank for spies


Helpful Skills:

F A L C O N E R || This would be the tribes' hunters


Helpful Skills:

G A T H E R E R || As the name implies, they gather things


Helpful Skills:

S H A M A N ||  Our tribal healers


Helpful Skills:

C H A P E R O N E || The ones who look after the young pups


Helpful Skills:
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