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RP Time and Conditions

Late Spring
70° F
Pouring Rain | Windy | Steamy

08∙10∙16 — With Duskvale flooded and Bison's Claim soon to follow, the pack must evacuate to Iilos land before the Catori River floods and they're stranded. As their chieftain becomes more irritable, some of the group grow hesitant in trusting him with their lives. Before they exit into the forest, Petrona suggests relocating the herd to a safer place, promptly setting herself to the task and awaits help from her packmates who failed to aid her and Raissa during the hunt. All members are free to join her or await further commands from Kodai and go on into Duskvale before it's too late.

06∙28∙16 — The pack has decided! TuT's first RolePlay plot will be a territory wide flood! With the pack heading out for it's first hunt, the overcast sky starts flickering with lightning and an eerie wind picks up. With the coming torrential rain, it will become impossible to see, smell or hear your comrades. It will be best to stick together, as who knows what dangers lie in the storm.

06∙22∙16 — We've decided to host our first RP event! Voting options are currently up and located here. Please remember to vote! I will be closing the options in just a few days, so please, if you care about your say in it, vote soon!


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 Fortune Teller

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PostSubject: Fortune Teller   Fri 10 Jun 2016, 7:03 am

First topic message reminder :

OKAY GUISE. This game's inspired by Jaelle and her gypsy ways, and also my mother. Give 'em a round of applause, because I say so! And you'll die if you don't *cough*

Basically to play this game, you tell the future of the previous poster's character. It can be silly or what you legitimately think will happen to them. How will they die, will they find happiness, who will be their mate, will they win the lottery?! That's for you to decide.



Player 1:
What's install for [CHARACTER]?

Player 2:
They will die miserable and alone, surrounded by cats.

Player 3:
You will live to a ripe old age and be joined to Guest, however you shall leave them for Petrona, whom you bare children to and die happy. Surrounded by cats.


What's coming down the road for lil' ol' me?
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune Teller   Wed 20 Jul 2016, 11:47 pm

Raissa leads a noble life, becoming the warchief whom leads all to battle and scares the enemy snotless. As warchief she becomes a valuable asset to the tribe, keeping everyone in line and making sure the borders are safe in her free time. She ruthlessly trains her apprentices, just as she was trained herself, and everyone under her becomes worthy warriors. Her title is well-known across the land, known as "The Crimson Warrior." In time she will grow old, her bones becoming too frail for her work, scars scattered over her face which she wears like medals. She passes her title on to one of her pupils, and her child, Rairett (Raissa x Garrett, because let's face it, they'd be awesome together). She settles into her old age well, however she ponders what life she would've led if her family were still alive, and she regrets not being able to do anything about it. Also, she wins the lottery and dies surrounded by cats. THE END.

Bootcamp Raissa 4 lyfe. Everytime.
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune Teller   Wed 27 Jul 2016, 4:40 pm

Ooo The Crimson Warrior. Like it :3

Trone will seek revenge on Kodai after he snapped at her, spoiling his leadership plans and leading the wolves herself to Ilios lands. Since the wolves would rather take Petrona's side bc they're scared of her instead of Kodai's, Kodai and Trona immediately become rivals. Kodai's leadership is questioned, and he is forced to co-lead the Asteri tribe with his newest enemy. Even among the group, wolves begin to take sides. Raissa, Jewel, Vex, and Nakai join Team Petrona, while Garrett, Vitani, and Jaelle join Team Kodai. Eventually there is a small war between Kodai and Petrona's pawns, and Jaelle and Vex are killed. Outraged, Kodai banishes Petrona and her followers from the lands. Years later, Kodai has a new pack. Petrona sacrificed Jewel, Raissa, and Nakai to the blood god and ate them for dinner, but now she needs more food. Reluctantly heading back to base camp, Kodai doesn't recognize Petrona and lets her back in. Romance blossoms between the once enemies, and the two make little #Petrai spawns and live happily ever after.... until one night when Trona gets too hungry and eats Kodai.


"I have been fighting since I was  a child.
I am not a survivor."

I am a weapon.
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PostSubject: Re: Fortune Teller   Tue 02 Aug 2016, 9:42 am

shh, don't tell them my plan
'else my children will come and pluck your eyebrows.


Raissa boldly strides out into the unknown, on the quest to fetch her master some sticks - a LogQuest if you will - despite her mild injuries and exhaustion from practically slaughtering a bison on her own. She ventures far from the help and sanctuary of Kodai the Bossyboots and Petrona THE MAGNIFICENT the Old Nag  and however the heck they'd keep our butts alive (DearGodHelpUsAll) on her crusade for twigs. She travels so far and searches so hard that she ultimately collapses in the mud and almost drowns while passed out, however in the end she returns victorious and is knighted Sir Raissa Bisonbane, Earl of Floating Logs That Petrona Must Sit On.

AND WE LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER. At least until we drown or when Petrona decides to kill us all. Whichever comes first.


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PostSubject: Re: Fortune Teller   

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Fortune Teller
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